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Docket #Document #GroupName of SenderLetter Date
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Show details for FD_35295_0FD_35295_0
Show details for FD_35348_0FD_35348_0
Show details for FD_35522_0FD_35522_0
Show details for FD_35523_0FD_35523_0
Show details for FD_35544_0FD_35544_0
Show details for FD_35554_0FD_35554_0
Show details for FD_35577_0FD_35577_0
Show details for FD_35631_0FD_35631_0
Show details for FD_35724_0FD_35724_0
Show details for FD_35724_1FD_35724_1
Show details for FD_35756_0FD_35756_0
Show details for FD_35802_0FD_35802_0
Show details for FD_35852_0FD_35852_0
Show details for FD_35874_0FD_35874_0
Show details for FD_35941_0FD_35941_0
Show details for FD_35952_0FD_35952_0
Show details for FD_36052_0FD_36052_0
Show details for FD_36095_0FD_36095_0

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NOTE: Scanned images of documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and may be downloaded by clicking on the blue Document #.
This database provides interested parties with internet access to case-related environmental correspondence. Environmental correspondence generally is not served on parties of record and consists of informal documents such as letters that are received by the Board’s Section of Environmental Analysis (SEA). Although environmental correspondence is not considered a formal filing, it is considered to be part of the environmental record and is also placed in the public docket. Most environmental correspondence will be posted on SEA’s website within two weeks of receipt. This database does not represent the complete environmental record. Documents that are provided elsewhere on the Board’s website are not posted here. Formal filings, Board decisions, environmental assessments and environmental impact statements may be accessed from the Board’s homepage.