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  Name of Sender:Thomas SnyderDate Received:11/30/2014
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I am commenting on the CSX upgrade from Indianapolis, Indiana to Louisville, Ky. I have lived along the route for over 60 years and don't have a problem with the upgrade. However something needs to be done with grade crossings. In a one mile length of track we have 5 active grade crossings. From a dead stop I need 25 seconds to cross a track with a loaded semi. At only 30 mph train that means I need a minimum of 1/4 mile visibility. Most crossings in the area south of Seymour, Indiana are lucky to have 200 yards. We have a new flashing light and crossing gate in front of my house. That is great the lights come on 30 seconds before a train arrives but the gates come down 5 seconds later. I dare you to stop a loaded semi in 5 seconds. I urge you to carefully consider crossing safety and visibility at these grade crossing. I also cross these tracks 12 times a day with a loaded schoolbus. Thank you. Thomas Snyder