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Glossary of Terms

Abandonment: The discontinuance of service on a rail line segment, with no intention of resuming that service.

Active warning devices: Traffic control devices that give positive notice to highway users of the approach or presence of a train. These devices may include a flashing red light signal (a device which, when activated, displays red lights flashing alternately), a bell (a device which, when activated, provides an audible warning, usually used with a flashing red light signal), automatic gates (a mechanism added to flashing red light signals to provide a cantilevered arm that can lower across the lanes of the roadway equipped with flashing red light signals and extending over one or more lanes of traffic).

Adverse environmental impact: A negative effect, resulting from the implementation of a proposed action, that serves to degrade or diminish an aspect of human or natural resources.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) : An independent Federal agency charged with advising the President and Congress on historic preservation matters and administering the provisions of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Applicants: Any person or entity seeking Board action whether by application, petition, Notice of Exemption, or any other means that initiates a formal Board proceeding.

Application: A formal filing with the Board related to certain railroad transactions such as railroad mergers, acquisitions, constructions, or abandonments. Applications may be either Primary applications or Inconsistent and Responsive (IR) Applications. See Primary Application and Inconsistent and Responsive (IR) Application.

Attainment area: An area that EPA has classified as complying with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards specified under the Clean Air Act.