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About STB > Office: OGPA

The Office of Governmental and Public Affairs (OGPA) serves as the Surface Transportation Board's principal point of contact for members of the general public, and for state and local governments, the U.S. Congress, and the news media.

Most of the OGPA staff members have worked with the STB since its inception in 1996. All are knowledgeable about the how agency works and the duties of each of its offices, and are available to answer questions regarding the agency's decision-making processes. (Other STB employees, because of their direct involvement in pending cases, cannot have such conversations.)

Our mission is to aid the public in participating in cases and matters before the STB, to disseminate accurate information and news concerning the agency and its work, and to help the public understand the law and the agency's decisions.

OGPA handles questions about the STB's official decisions, pending cases, and the laws that we implement. Inquiries are received from Congressional offices; state, local, and municipal governments; the news media; railroads; shippers and receivers; attorneys; labor unions; trade associations; and the general public.

Our records section provides certified copies of documents, and our library maintains an extensive collection of railroad regulatory publications and information concerning the history of rail regulation.

OGPA provides information about how cases are processed, and the current status of cases pending before the agency. OGPA does not, however, provide opinions about how the STB Members will vote on a particular case, or when a case will be decided.