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What is the Carload Waybill Sample ?

It is a stratified sample of carload waybills for all U.S. rail traffic submitted by those rail carriers terminating 4,500 or more revenue carloads annually.

Who can get access to information from the confidential Carload Waybill Sample?

Because the Waybill Sample contains sensitive shipping and revenue information, access to this information is restricted. Access is granted when the Waybill Sample is the only single source of the data, ob taining the data from other sources is burdensome or costly, and/or the data are relevant to issues pending before the Board. The STB uses the Waybill Sample data for projects, analyses, and studies. Federal agencies use the Waybill Sample as part of their information base. The States use it as a major source of information for developing state transportation plans. Railroads are entitled to obtain Waybill data for movements they participated in. Waybill data are used by transportation practitioners, consultants and law firms with formal proceedings before the STB or State Boards. There is also a group designated as “other users”. The rules for release of waybill data are codified at 49 CFR 1244.9.

What are the requirements for obtaining access tothe confidential Carload Waybill Sample?

The requestor must submit a written request explaining the need for the data and how it will be used . Requests from “other users” are posted in the Federal Register for 14 days pending objections from shippers or railroads. If, there are no objections, the requestor then signs a confidentiality agreement valid for the period of one year. Thirty days prior to the expiration date of the agreement, the requestor must submit a written request for an annual extension of the agreement or all waybill data must be either re turned to the STB, or certified as destroyed and the requestor must not keep any copies.

What if there is an objection to an “other user” obtaining Waybill data?

Objections to release of the confidential waybill data must be filed by the railroad and/ or shipper no later than 14 calendar days from publication of the notice in the Federal Register. An original of each objection shall be filed with the Director, Office of Economics who must consider all objections in de termining whether to release the requested waybill data . The objection shall identify the parties seeking the confidential waybill data, reiterate the purpose for which the data is sought, and state all grounds for objection to full or partial disclosure of the requested data. The Board reserves the right to deny the release of waybill data although no objections may be filed.

What is the appeal process if the request is denied?

Appeals must be filed with the Chairman within 10 days of the date of the Director’s decision. Responses to appeals must be filed within 10 days thereafter (49 CFR 1011.7(b)(1)). The filing of an appeal will automatically stay the effect of the Director’s decision. The Chairman’s decision on appeal is final.

What is the Public Use File?

The Public Use Waybill File is created from the confidential Waybill Sample File. A description of the Public Use Waybill, how it is developed and the file itself can be downloaded using the links at the bottom of this page.


Please be aware that revenue reported in the freight revenue field may be masked and not equal to the actual revenue on the freight waybill.  If freight is moving under a transportation contract, the revenues are confidential and not subject to public disclosure.

Waybill questions should be directed to (202) 245-0333 or Economic.Data@stb.gov.

Creation of the Public Use Waybill Sample

2015 Public Use Waybill Sample
Supplemental 2015 Public Use Waybill Sample
Revised 2014 Public Use Waybill Sample
2013 Public Use Waybill Sample
2012 Public Use Waybill Sample
2011 Public Use Waybill Sample
2010 Public Use Waybill Sample
2009 Public Use Waybill Sample
2008 Public Use Waybill Sample
2007 Public Use Waybill Sample
2006 Public Use Waybill Sample
2005 Public Use Waybill Sample
2004 Public Use Waybill Sample
2003 Public Use Waybill Sample
2002 Public Use Waybill Sample
2001 Public Use Waybill Sample
2000 Public Use Waybill Sample

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