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As events warrant, the Surface Transportation Board's Office of Public Assistance, Governmental Affairs, and Compliance (OPAGAC) issues plain-English news releases regarding case-related matters; public hearings, open voting conferences, oral-argument sessions, and other public events; pertinent railroad-industry developments; STB operations; and other matters to keep the public abreast of the agency's work.

Board news releases may be viewed:

By date of issuance within the current year

By year of issuance for all releases issued prior to the current year (listings begin in 1997, when the STB first established this Web site).

By subject matter.

By release number (each of the STB's releases contains two numbers corresponding to the last two digits of the year in which the release is issued, and another number corresponding to the chronological order in which the release is issued. For example, a news released numbered "04-1" indicates that it was issued in the year 2004 and that it was the first release issued during that year. A release numbered "04-2" indicates that it was the second release issued in 2004, and so on.)

Beginning with news releases issued in 2004, each release summarizing the contents of an official decision issued by the STB in a case or matter before the agency is linked to that decision. That link most often appears in the final paragraph of such releases.

While the STB provides news-release summaries of major decisions in cases before the agency as a courtesy to the public and the media, it must be understood that the agency's actions are its written decisions in those cases.