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Bullet 2014 Uniform Rail Costing System Reprocessed to Revise Errors Involving BNSF and Western Region
The 2014 Uniform Railroad Costing System (URCS) has been reprocessed to revise errors involving BNSF Railway and no other railroad. To view the REVISED 2014 URCS data that includes the new spreadsheet version of its Phase II worktables for 2014, click here.
Bullet Revamped Merger Page
The STB has created a revamped Major Railroad Merger page and, on a separate page, is posting correspondence related to the potential CP-NS merger. To access these pages, please go to Quick Links or click here.
Bullet Draft Environmental Assessment Issued: N.W. Tenn. Port Authority/Cates Landing
On December 28, 2015, the Board’s Office of Environmental Analysis issued a Draft Environmental Assessment (Draft EA) analyzing potential environmental effects of the Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority’s proposal to construct and operate an approximately 5.5 mile rail line in Lake County, Tenn. The proposed line would connect the newly constructed Port of Cates Landing, on the Mississippi River, to an existing rail line near Tiptonville, Tenn. To view the Draft EA in Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority—Construction and Operation Exemption—in Lake County, TN., FD 35802, click here.
Bullet Now Available: 2014 URCS Data
The Board has made available 2014 Uniform Railroad Costing System (URCS) data that includes the new spreadsheet version of its Phase II worktables for 2014. To view 2014 URCS Data, click here.
Bullet URCS Phase II Worktables – New Format
The Board has released the 2013 URCS Phase II Worktables in a new spreadsheet format for use in calculating railroad unit costs. Previously, these calculations were only reflected in various PDF files available on the STB’s website. The Board is releasing the Phase II spreadsheets to increase transparency by providing the source of each calculation. To learn more, click here.
Bullet STB Library: New Hours and Procedures
Please be advised that the Surface Transportation Board Library will be open to the public from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, except when the agency is closed for federal holidays. Although the library will be open on a walk-in basis, patrons are strongly encouraged to call ahead to schedule an appointment during these hours. To make an appointment, please phone Crystal Wortham, at (202) 245-0288, or the Rail Customer and Public Assistance office, at (866) 254-1792. Additionally, library patrons will now be required to sign in and sign out when using the library.

The effective date for the new hours and procedures will be Wednesday, November 18, 2015, continuing until further notice.
Bullet December 1 Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee meeting
The Surface Transportation Board’s Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee (RETAC) will meet at the Board’s headquarters on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. This meeting was scheduled for October 1, but was postponed due to the possibility of a federal governmental shutdown. The meeting will be open to the public and the media. A hearing notice will be published in advance in the Federal Register.
Bullet Lone Star Railroad Draft Environmental Assessment Issued
The Board’s Office of Environmental Analysis has issued for public review and comment its Draft Environmental Assessment (Draft EA) analyzing the potential environmental effects of Lone Star Railroad, Inc.’s proposed construction of an approximately three-mile rail line to connect to an existing Union Pacific Railroad Company mainline and to provide service to an industrial park property near Big Spring, in Howard County, Texas. Comments are due on November 16, 2015. To view the Draft EA in Lone Star Railroad, Inc. and Southern Switching Company—Track Construction and Operation Exemption—in Howard County, Texas, FD 35874, click here.
Bullet October 1 RETAC meeting postponed
The Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 1, 2015, at STB headquarters has been postponed to a later date because of the possibility of a federal governmental shutdown. This RETAC meeting will be rescheduled for a future date and that information will be forthcoming.
Bullet Tongue River Railroad Draft EIS Comment Period Extended: Comments Now Due September 23, 2015
The Board’s Office of Environmental Analysis has issued a Notice extending the deadline—for a second time—to September 23, 2015, for filing comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Tongue River Railroad Co.’s planned construction and operation of nearly 42 miles of new line, between Colstrip and the Ashland/Otter Creek areas of Montana, in Tongue River Railroad Company, Inc.—Rail Construction and Operation—in Custer, Powder River and Rosebud Counties, Mont., FD 30186. To view the new notice extending the deadline to September 23, 2015, click here. To view the initial notice that extended the comment period to August 24, 2015, click here.
Bullet Expanded Commodity Revenue Stratification Report Released
The STB’s Office of Economics has released a new, expanded version of its Commodity Revenue Stratification Report. The report continues to show revenue, variable costs, ton, and carload data, but now does so by different combinations of railcar type and by seven-digit Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC). The report also shows the number of movements and average mile per carload data. (Some data has been redacted to protect confidentiality where necessary.) These changes will provide stakeholders with more detailed information about rail shipments, and may be of particular interest to shippers that would like to benchmark the rates they are paying for railroad transportation. The expanded report has been added to OE’s current, online library of two- and five-digit STCC reports found here on the STB’s website.
  NOTE: For reference purposes, the title of the five-digit report, “Expanded Commodity Revenue Stratification Report,” currently on the STB’s website will be changed to read, “5-Digit STCC Expanded Version of Commodity Revenue Stratification Report” for consistency with the titling of the current two-digit report and the new seven-digit report. To view the seven-digit report for 2013, click here.
Bullet Rail Service Webpage Improvements
User-friendly improvements have been made to the Rail Service Updates in EP 724, U.S. Rail Service Issues. To check out the latest data on the rail network, click here.
Bullet New STB Webpage on Agency Oversight of Household Goods Moving
The STB has created a new webpage describing the agency’s limited role in overseeing the interstate transportation of household goods by motor carriers (“moving companies”). This new webpage will serve as a resource for moving companies and their customers that would like more information about the STB's role in this area and the informal assistance that its customer assistance program can provide. It is important to note that the STB's oversight applies only to interstate moves (moves crossing state lines) and not to intrastate moves (moves within a single state). Please click here for more information. A link to this webpage can also be found under the "Quick Links" section of the STB's homepage.
Bullet Rail Service Updates “Quick Link”
The Board has made available a Rail Service Updates quick link to a page on this site providing easy access to all incoming filings, reports, and agency decisions in U.S. Rail Service Issues, EP 724. To access this information, click “Rail Service Updates” under “Quick Links” at the top-right of this homepage, or click here.
Bullet Environmental Notices: Canaveral Port Authority Petition to Build and Operate Rail-Line Extension to Port Canaveral, Fla.
To provide Port Canaveral, Brevard County, Florida with direct access to freight rail service, the Canaveral Port Authority plans to file a request with the STB to build and operate approximately 11 miles of new railroad line from a point near the Port’s North Cargo Area to connect with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s John F. Kennedy Space Center’s existing rail line. To view the Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS, Notice of its Draft Scope of Study, Notice of Scoping Meetings, and Request for Comments on the Draft Scope, click here.
Bullet Railroad Service Outlook Plans
Since 2004, the Chairman of the Surface Transportation Board has annually requested the railroad industry to explain its service-outlook plans. To view STB Chairman Daniel R. Elliott’s 2015 letter to railroads, and the railroads’ respective replies click here.
Bullet Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Request for Comment Issued on CSXT Request for Acquisition and Joint Use of Louisville & Indiana Railroad Company Line.
The STB’s Office of Environmental Analysis has issued a Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Request for Comments on CSX Transportation, Inc. (CSXT) and Louisville & Indiana Railroad Co.’s (L&I) proposal seeking Board authority for CSXT to acquire from the L&I, and jointly use with it, a perpetual, non-exclusive operating easement over the L&I rail line between Indianapolis, Ind. and Louisville, Ky. To view the Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Request for Comment, click here.






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