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06/17/2011 (Friday)
Eric Weiss
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The Surface Transportation Board today announced a schedule of speakers' appearances and their time allocations for the Board's two-day, Wednesday-Thursday, June 22-23, 2011 public hearing on the current state of competition in the railroad industry.

The hearing will begin at 8:30 a.m. both days in the Board's hearing room on the 1st floor of the agency's headquarters at Patriots Plaza I, 395 E Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. The hearing will be webcast on the agency's website at

The Board's complete decision announcing the speakers for the hearing can be viewed by clicking here. The decision includes instructions for attendees and witnesses, as well as additional information.


Panel 1
Members of Congress: Speaking upon arrival.

Panel 2
Interested Parties: Scott Stone, Jeffrey Moreno, Michael McBride; 30 minutes

National Industrial Transportation League: Curt H. Warfel (accompanied by counsel Karyn A. Booth), 5 mins.

Panel 3
Association of American Railroads: Edward R. Hamberger, Edward A. Burkhardt, William J. Rennicke, Robert Willig, Samuel M. Sipe, Jr.; 40 mins.

Panel 4
North Carolina Department of Transportation: Jim Trogdon, 5 mins.

Panel 5
Alliance for Rail Competition, et al.: Terry C. Whiteside, 10 mins.

National Association of Wheat Growers: Wayne Hurst, 10 mins.

National Grain and Feed Association: Kendell W. Keith, 10 mins.

Panel 6
CSX Corporation: Michael J. Ward, 10 mins.

Kansas City Southern Railway Company: Michael R. Haverty, David M. Konschnik; 10 mins.

Union Pacific Railroad Company: James R. Young, 10 mins.

Panel 7
Consumers United for Rail Equity: Glenn English (accompanied by counsel), 10 mins.

Western Coal Traffic League: Kenneth C. Baseman, Peter A. Pfohl; 10 mins.

Concerned Captive Coal Shippers: C. Michael Loftus, 10 mins.

Panel 8
American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association: Richard F. Timmons, Michael Ogborn, Sharon Clark, Carl Martland; 30 mins.

Panel 9
American Chemistry Council: To be determined, 5 mins.

The Chlorine Institute, Inc.: Sharon Piciacchio, 5 mins.

Panel 10
Transportation Communications Union/IAM: Robert A. Scardelletti, 5 mins.

United Transportation Union—New York State Legislative Board: Gordon P. MacDougall, 5 mins.

Panel 11
J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC: Thomas Wadewitz, 5 mins.

Wolfe Trahan & Co.: Scott Group, 10 mins.


Panel 1
Ameren Corporation: James A. Sobule, 10 mins.

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation: Jonathan Oliver, 10 mins.

Omaha Public Power District: Thomas W. Wilcox, 8 mins.

Panel 2
Hub Group, Inc.: David P. Yeager, 10 mins.

Intermodal Association Of North America, Inc.: Steven Rubin, 5 mins.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.: Paul R. Bergant, 10 mins.

Moran Industries: John D. Moran, Jr., 10 mins.

Panel 3
Arkema, Inc.: John O'Leary, 10 mins.

The Dow Chemical Company: Brad Gray, 10 mins.

E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Company: Gary Spitzer, 10 mins.

Occidental Chemical Corporation: Robin A. Burns, 10 mins.

Olin Corporation: John L. McIntosh, 10 mins.

PPG Industries, Inc.: Michael H. McGarry, Karyn A. Booth; 5 mins.

Panel 4
BNSF Railway Company: John P. Lanigan, 10 mins.

Norfolk Southern Railway Company: Mark A. Manion, James A. Hixon; 10 mins.

Panel 5
Diversified CPC International, Inc.: William A. Frauenheim, III, 10 mins.

M & G Polymers USA, LLC: Fred J. Fournier, 10 mins.

United States Gypsum Company: George T. Macko, 10 mins.

Panel 6
Wisconsin Central Group: John Duncan Varda, 10 mins.

Highroad Consulting, Ltd.: Sandra J. Dearden, 10 mins.

The Mercury Group: Craig S. Dickman, 10 mins.

Nevada Central Railroad: Robert Alan Kemp, 5 mins.