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12/07/2012 (Friday)
Jamie Rennart
No. 12-21

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The Surface Transportation Board announced four vacancies on its Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee (RETAC) and solicited nominations from the public for candidates to fill those vacancies.

The Board is seeking a representative from a:

—State or municipally owned electric utility (for a three-year term ending Sept. 30, 2015);

—Biofuel refiner, processor, distributor, or biofuel feedstock grower or provider (for a three-year term ending Sept. 30, 2015);

—Coal producer (for the remainder of a three-year term ending Sept. 30, 2014); and a

—Petroleum producer or shipper (for a three-year term ending Sept. 30, 2015). This latter position will be established in light of the growing trend of petroleum shipments by rail, and will fill one of the RETAC's three "at large" seats.

Nominations for candidates for RETAC membership should be filed with the Board by December 27, 2012.

Established by the Board in 2007, RETAC is a federal advisory committee consisting of a balanced cross-section of energy and rail-industry stakeholders to provide independent, candid policy advice to the Board and to foster open, effective communication among affected interests on issues such as railroad performance, capacity constraints, infrastructure planning and development, and effective coordination among suppliers, carriers, and energy-resource users. RETAC operates subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Full information concerning the composition of RETAC's membership, the frequency and locations of its meetings, terms and conditions of membership, and instructions for the submission of candidates may be found in the Board's November 27, 2012 decision in Notice of Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee Vacancies, EP 670 (Sub-No. 2), on the agency's website at Additional information about RETAC is also available on the RETAC page of the Board's website at