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05/01/2015 (Friday)
Janie Sheng
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The Surface Transportation Board today announced the launch of a new, interactive mapping tool called the Railroad Map Depot (RMD). This tool is being introduced to simplify public searches for rail maps, make more information about rail lines available to STB stakeholders, support the STBs environmental-review process, and facilitate public participation in various board proceedings. The RMD may be accessed on the Boards website or at

The RMD features maps of more than 3,500 miles of lines abandoned, discontinued, or converted into recreational trails since 2005. Users can also conduct searches for rail lines by location, and customize maps of the current national rail network to their unique specifications. In addition, there is a feature that displays maps of rail line construction proposals currently before the STB, with links to information about the corresponding environmental-review process and procedures for how interested members of the public can submit comments.

Supported by ArcGIS Online (Esri), the RMD is a cloud-based platform that will be regularly updated to reflect the status of current lines. Future informational enhancements, such as maps of past and cancelled construction cases; historical maps of abandonments and discontinuances consummated prior to 2005; and maps of railroad acquisitions and other cases are envisioned.