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Surface Transportation Board Announces Release to Public of Railroads' 2005 "Fall Peak" Service Plans

Surface Transportation Board Chairman Roger Nober today announced that the agency has publicly released the Class I railroads' "fall peak" service plans. Chairman Nober wrote to the Presidents of each Class I railroad, and to the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA), on June 16, 2005 asking them to inform the Board of their plans to meet this fall's expected increase in demand for rail transportation.

In announcing the public release of these replies, Chairman Nober said:

"I am pleased to announce that we are posting the responses from our nation's major railroads on how they plan to meet the demands of this year's fall peak shipping season. These responses will help freight customers, railroad stakeholders and policy makers better understand what we can expect during this critical period. I want to thank the railroads that provided timely responses.

"Last year, meeting the fall peak shipping demand was a challenge for our entire freight transportation system, and the Class I railroad's fall peak submissions to our agency helped carriers focus on meeting service demands during that period. It also gave shippers a better idea of what they could expect during that time. The Congressional Budget Office, which studied last year's peak season performance, cited those responses as a valuable regulatory step that helped improve peak season performance. I am confident that the responses we are posting today will be similarly valuable."

Chairman Nober's June 16 letter asked each Class I railroad, and the ASLRRA, to report to the STB its plans for meeting the expected increase in demand during the fall shipping season, known as the "peak season," because demand for rail service is usually at its highest levels. Links to the Chairman's letter, as well as the railroads' responses, are provided in below.


Chairman Roger Nober's June 16, 2005 letter

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway response

Canadian National Railway Company response

Canadian Pacific Railway response

CSX Transportation Inc. response

Kansas City Southern Railway response

Norfolk Southern Corporation response

Union Pacific Railroad response

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association response

--->RailAmerica's response

--->Genesee & Wyoming Inc.'s response

--->Tacoma Rail's response