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11/10/1997 (Monday)
No. 97-94

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Surface Transportation Board (Board) Chairman Linda J. Morgan announced that the Board has opened its Internet site on the World Wide Web at the address “WWW.STB.DOT.GOV” effective today. The site will provide electronic access to Board decisions, news releases, transportation data, publications, and organizational information.
The Board’s Home Page provides “key word” links to:
• The Board’s “Library” (will contain lists and the full text of the Board’s daily decisions; news issuances; publications; and public affairs information);

• “Transportation Resources” (connects to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s list of Internet sites);

• “‘Conrail Acquisition’ Information” (includes environmental information concerning the proposed merger of the “CSX,” “Norfolk Southern,” and “Conrail” railroad systems); and
• “Board Organization & Functions” (describes Board functions, contains an organizational chart and biographical information on the Board Members, and lists key Board contacts).

The Board’s Home Page also provides the following buttons that may be clicked for quick access to information:

• “Decisions

• “STB Daily Releases List

• “News Releases

• “Receive STB News

• “‘Conrail Acquisition’

• “Personnel Locator” and


In the near future, in accordance with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act of 1996, the Board’s decision database will be updated until it contains all Board decisions served (officially issued to the public) on and after November 1, 1996. Future decisions will be added daily at the Board’s 10:30 a.m. decision-release time and, for “late releases” (decisions issued later than 10:30 a.m.), at the time of service. Board decisions are indexed by service date or docket number. Lists of Board decisional issuances for specific dates are available through the “STB Daily Releases List” button. Decisions may be viewed, printed, or downloaded, and the full text of each decision is searchable.