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12/20/2004 (Monday)
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Statement of Surface Transportation Board Chairman Roger Nober on "Union Pacific-Burlington Northern" Agreement to Provide Dual Rail Service in Bayport Industrial District of Houston

Surface Transportation Board Chairman Roger Nober today issued the following statement concerning the agreement reached by Union Pacific Railroad and The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway to provide the shippers in the Bayport Industrial District of southeast Houston, Texas with access to two railroads:

"I am very pleased that Union Pacific and BNSF have reached a deal to provide the shippers in the Bayport area with access to two railroads. I want to congratulate Majority Leader Delay and Mayor White for their leadership in helping the parties come to this agreement, as well as the parties for reaching this accord at the bargaining table. I have been involved in this matter since the Board approved BNSF's right to construct a new rail line to serve these customers. Where shippers want rail competition, rail construction proposals continue to provide the opportunity both to construct and to negotiate based on the right to construct."

In May 2003, the Board approved the construction of a 12.8-mile rail line to provide the shippers in Bayport with a competitive rail transportation option. Actual construction of the rail line had been delayed by litigation in the Texas state courts.