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01/10/2012 (Tuesday)
Eric Weiss
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The Surface Transportation Board today announced the selection of new appointees to serve on the Railroad-Shipper Transportation Advisory Council (RSTAC). RSTAC consists of 15 members appointed by the Board's Chairman. It provides a forum for the discussion of matters of concern to rail shippers and railroads.

From nominations received in response to the Board's October 18, 2011 decision in Notice of Railroad-Shipper Transportation Advisory Council Vacancy, Docket No. EP 526 (Sub-No. 3), the following individuals were named to three-year terms as RSTAC members. Effective January 1, 2012, these individuals join the eight RSTAC members currently serving:

--Jerry Cope, Vice President for Marketing, Dakota Mill and Grain

--Tom Giovinazzi, Manager, Rail Services, Holcim (US), Inc.

--Shelley Sahling-Zart, General Counsel, Lincoln Electric System

--George T. Duggan, Vice President, Coal Marketing Group, BNSF Railway Company

--Eric Jakubowski, Director-Network Strategy, Canadian National Railway Company

--Robin Burns, Vice President Supply Chain, Occidental Chemical Corp.

--John McCreavy, Director, Business Development, SMS Rail Services, Inc.

On the occasion, STB Chairman Daniel Elliott III stated:

"I am pleased to announce the roster of new RSTAC appointees, each superbly qualified in his or her field. I look forward to the knowledge and experience they will bring to the Council and its meetings, and to the larger transportation industry.

The Board appreciated the large number of nominations to serve on RSTAC received in this cycle, as well as the many expressions of support. Choosing among so many qualified applicants was not easy, and we hope that all who expressed interest will continue to follow the Council's activities."

RSTAC was established pursuant to the ICC Termination Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-88, 109 Stat. 803). Its 15 appointed members consist of senior officials representing large and small shippers, and large and small railroads. In addition, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the three Board Members serve as ex officio members. RSTAC provides advice on regulatory, policy and legislative matters, as appropriate, to the STB Chairman, the Secretary of Transportation, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Additional information regarding RSTAC and its work may be found at the STB webpage link,, or via the agency's home page, at (click the "Rail Consumers" button, then "Rail Shipper Council" on the dropdown).