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07/16/2003 (Wednesday)
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Surface Transportation Board Announces Success of 1ST Technical Conference in a Major Rail-Rate Case

Surface Transportation Board (Board) Chairman Roger Nober today announced that the parties to the Board's first technical conference resolved every one of the 200 issues on the conference table from their major railroad rate case.

In announcing the conference's success, Chairman Nober said,

"I thank the parties for their diligence and ability to work together and the Board's staff for their excellent work. The issues they have resolved between themselves, with expert assistance from Board staff, will save them time and money in this litigation. Otter Tail and BNSF have set a high bar for parties in future rate cases to come together to resolve issues during technical conferences."

Today's technical conference brought together representatives of the Otter Tail Power Company ("Otter Tail"), The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company ("BNSF"), and the Board concerning outstanding issues that arose in the rate case entitled Otter Tail Power Company v. The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company, STB No. 42071. Conferences like today's were mandated by a rule change in the proceeding entitled Procedures to Expedite Resolution of Rail Rate Challenges to Be Considered under the Stand-Alone Cost Methodology, STB Ex Parte No. 638.