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04/02/2010 (Friday)
Eric Weiss
No. 10-08

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The Surface Transportation Board has scheduled an oral argument for Tuesday, April 27, 2010, at the STB's Washington headquarters.

Board members will hear from parties in Stagecoach Group PLC and Coach USA, Inc., et al.—Acquisition of Control—Twin America, LLC, STB Docket No. MC-F-21035.

In this proceeding, Stagecoach Group PLC and its subsidiaries seek to acquire Twin America, LLC to provide tourist bus operations in New York City. The New York State Attorney General has an ongoing antitrust investigation concerning Twin America and has asked the Board to reject the application or delay a decision until its investigation is completed.

Each side in the case will have 20 minutes to argue its position and to respond to questions from Board members, similar to proceedings in federal appellate courts. The oral argument is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. in the hearing room at STB headquarters, 395 E Street S.W. in Washington, DC. Though the proceedings are open to the public, only counsel for the parties to the cases will be permitted to speak. Photo identification is necessary to enter the building.

A live video broadcast of the oral argument will be available via the Board's Web site at, under "Information Center"/"Webcast"/"Live Video" on the home page.