Contact: Dennis Watson
07/03/2001 (Tuesday)
(202) 565-1596
No. 01-31
FIRS 1 (800) 877-8339

Surface Transportation Board to Discontinue Mailing of Printed News Releases to Subscriber Mailing List

The Surface Transportation Board (Board) announced today that, effective
Friday, July 13, 2001, it no longer will disseminate its printed news releases to subscribers by United States mail. Releases will, however, continue to be issued electronically, as events warrant, and posted to the Board's website at; transmitted electronically to the agency's list of e-mail subscribers; and available in printed form at the Board's headquarters.

Since its creation in January 1996, the Board has maintained a list for the postal delivery of printed releases. Releases destined for mail distribution are printed and issued at the same time as the official agency decisions they summarize, but are received by subscribers days afterwards. Since the Board launched its website in November 1997, the agency has seen the number of subscribers to its postal mailing list for printed releases decline significantly to a current level of only several hundred, while, in contrast, free subscriptions to its electronically issued news releases--one of the agency's most popular electronic offerings--have expanded to nearly 3,000 in number, and that figure continues to grow. Thus, to speed news dissemination, encourage subscribers' receipt of releases via e-mail, invite the viewing of releases and related information posted to the Board's website, and increase its operating efficiencies and savings through reduced postal costs, the agency will cease mailing printed releases to subscribers as of July 13.

A free online subscription to the Board's electronic releases may be obtained easily via the agency's site at To register, one need only click the "Receive STB News" button on the agency's home page, supply the requested e-mailing address and contact information, and then click the "Save Registration Data" button. The Board maintains a secure online system, and does not share subscriber data with any other agency or entity.

As always, the Board will continue to display printed copies of its most recently issued releases in the public-reception area in Suite 100 of the Board's headquarters in the Mercury Building located at 1925 K Street, N.W, in Washington, D.C.