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U.S. Senate Confirms William Douglas Buttrey & Francis Patrick Mulvey as Surface Transportation Board Members

Surface Transportation Board Chairman Roger Nober announced today that, on Friday, May 21, 2004, the U.S. Senate confirmed William Douglas Buttrey, of Tennessee, and Francis Patrick Mulvey, of Maryland, as STB Members. The Senate action follows President George W. Bush's November 3, 2003 nomination of both to the STB.

Both Mr. Buttrey and Dr. Mulvey will be officially sworn in soon.

In announcing the two, new STB Members, Chairman Nober said,

"I am very happy that the two nominees have been confirmed. I know both of them and have eagerly looked forward to their joining the STB. The agency has many pressing industry matters before it, and I'm eager to turn with my colleagues to the work before us."