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04/23/2018 (Monday)
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The Surface Transportation Board announced today that its Rate Reform Task Force will begin holding informal meetings with stakeholders starting in May to discuss ideas to reform the Board’s rate review methodologies.

In Expediting Rail Rate Cases, Docket No. EP 733, the Board began exploring ways to streamline its stand-alone cost (SAC) rate review methodology. Similarly, in Expanding Access to Rate Relief, Docket No. EP 665 (Sub-No. 2), the Board issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on procedures that could comprise a new rate reasonableness methodology for small disputes that would be more affordable and accessible to shippers of all commodities. The Rate Reform Task Force, established in January, is building on that work by developing recommendations to reform and streamline the Board’s rate methodology for large cases, and to determine how to best provide a rate review process for smaller rate cases. The Board believes that holding informal meetings with stakeholders, practitioners, and consultants on these topics will be an invaluable tool in assisting the Task Force.

These informal meetings will be used to discuss options and ideas for reforming the Board’s rate review methodologies. Participants may meet with staff in person at the Board’s headquarters or through teleconferencing. Because the informal meetings are not part of a formal proceeding, official meeting transcripts or minutes will not be prepared.

Meeting times will be available during business hours beginning in May. Interested persons are requested to contact the Rail Customer and Public Assistance (RCPA) office (202-245-0238) to schedule individual meeting times. Related questions should be directed to RCPA. Members of the Task Force will also be available for informal meetings between May 16 and 18, 2018, at the North American Rail Shippers Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ill.