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06/16/2003 (Monday)
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Statement of Surface Transportation Board Chairman Roger Nober on Chicago-Illinois-Major Railroad Agreement on Chicago Rail Infrastructure

Surface Transportation Board Chairman (Board) Roger Nober today issued the following statement on the Statement of Understanding (Agreement) arrived at today by the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the six major freight railroads serving Chicago, to improve the area's rail infrastructure.

"I congratulate the City, the State and the railroads on reaching this major milestone. The Agreement announced today is the culmination of years of effort by all participants. By addressing head-on the current freight bottleneck in Chicago, this municipal, State, and private partnership not only will facilitate freight and passenger-rail movement in Chicago, but also will improve the transportation of rail freight nationwide."

In making his statement, Chairman Nober noted the important contribution of former Board Chairman Linda Morgan whose personal involvement in this matter began the four-year process leading to today's Agreement.