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Administrative Issuances

The Board issues instructions to staff in the form of Administrative Issuances.  Posted below are the Administrative Issuances that may also apply to or affect the public.

  • Implementation of Regulatory Flexibility Act
    Number: 4-103
    Date: 9/11/2003
    Download Files: PDF
  • The STB Practitioner’s Program
    Number: 4-105
    Date: 8/25/2003
    Download Files: PDF
  • FOIA and Privacy Act Procedures
    Number: 4-121
    Date: 3/21/2003
    Download Files: PDF
  • STB Plan for a Possible Lapse in Appropriations
    Date: 8/1/2023
    Download Files: PDF
  • Written Procedures for the Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure Systems
    Number: 7-155
    Date: 5/25/2006
    Download Files: PDF