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How to E-File

E-filings (electronic filings) can be made in lieu of almost all paper filings. E-filing is a file attachment process.  The document(s) you submit must include the name and address of the person responsible for the filing.

Files up to 500 MB in size can be accepted as attachments. E-filing may not be used to submit large filings (over 500 MB).

Instructions for E-filing and payment of fees

If you wish to pay any fee associated with your e-filing, please click on the link for Pay.gov.  That link will take you to the Board’s electronic payment system, Pay.gov, a website operated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  Once you make a payment, you will be e-mailed a confirmation number.  Please keep that confirmation number.  You will need to provide it on the Board’s e-filing form, or to Board staff, to complete the submission of your document or otherwise communicate about your fee payment.  Additional information about the Board’s fees is available here.

After payment of any filing fee, return to this page to continue with e-filing a formal filing or recordation.  If you are requesting a fee waiver, please be advised that if no payment has been received, the filing will not be processed until after a determination is made on the fee waiver request.  If you submit the appropriate fee with your fee waiver request, the filing is accepted and the Board refunds the fee or a portion thereof if the fee waiver is ultimately granted.  See 49 C.F.R. § 1002.2(b), (e).

Documents received after 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time may not be processed until the next business day.  Once your filing has been formally accepted by the Board, the public version of the filing will be placed on the “Filings” page of the Board’s website.

Acceptable E-Signature Formats

Unless otherwise directed by the Board, e-filed documents may be signed using a scanned handwritten signature image or an “/s/” followed by the typed characters representing the name of the person signing.

Filing in Hardcopy

E-filing is not mandatory.  For more information on how to file in paper, please click here.

Electronic Submission of Evidence or Workpapers

Evidence or workpapers consisting of mathematical calculations must be submitted in a format that is natively readable by the STB, preferably in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Office.  All evidence or workpapers may be submitted to the STB on media such as compact disc, USB flash drive, or portable hard drive.  Evidence with a total file size under 500 megabytes may be e-filed or emailed to the STB.  Compression of electronic evidence or workpapers may be employed to reduce the total file size under the 500-megabyte threshold.  When submitting evidence or workpapers that may be sensitive in nature, it is recommended that the media be encrypted.  For additional information on the submission of evidence or workpapers, please click here.

Select your E-Filing Type

NOTE:  Due to a recent website update, please clear your internet browser’s history before you submit an e-Filing.  As a reminder, you should receive a confirmation email after your filing is submitted.  Beginning on Monday, March 9, 2020, parties who have consented to e-service of Board decisions under the rule adopted in Docket No. EP 747 will no longer receive paper service of Board decisions.  For more information on e-service, see the Board’s decision in that docket.

Formal Filings

All parties of record in a proceeding must be served with a formal filing.

Other Filings

For certain filing types, service on the other parties is not required.  Examples include comments in rulemaking proceedings and notices of intent to participate in hearings/oral arguments.

⇒  Recordations

To register and perfect a security interest related to rail equipment or water vessels.

⇒  Environmental Comments

To submit an environmental comment in a proceeding requiring an environmental review.

⇒  FOIA Requests

Requests for information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

⇒  Water Carrier Annual Certifications

NOTE:  If the person filing with the Board submits personal information, this information will be publicly available on the Board’s website.  This published information may include, but is not limited to, the filer’s home address, telephone number and email address when the contact information serves as the filer’s business contact information.

For any issues regarding STB filings,
please call 202-245-0350