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Need Assistance?

Railroads, Shippers, and Practitioners

Railroads, shippers, or practitioners with questions about how to make a filing can find more information here.  Those with concerns regarding a service dispute or that have questions about matters that the Surface Transportation Board regulates are encouraged to contact the agency Rail Customer and Public Assistance Program.

Complaints and Inquiries from the Public

Members of the public needing assistance to address a concern about railroad activities in their community may contact the Rail Customer and Public Assistance Program.

Individuals with issues relating to household goods moving companies are encouraged to review the following information on what resources are available.  Although the Board has limited jurisdiction over household goods moving companies, the Rail Customer and Public Assistance program may be able to provide assistance in some specific situations.

Congressional Offices and Other Government Agencies

Individuals working for Members of Congress or other government agencies (local, state, or federal) should contact the Board’s Office of Public Assistance, Governmental Affairs & Compliance at 202-245-0238 or at:  .


Individuals from news organizations or the media should contact the Board’s Public Affairs Officer, Michael Booth, at 202-245-1760 or at: .

Records and Documents

Individuals looking for filings and decisions can conduct a search of the Board’s records back to approximately 2000 by using the Search STB Records tool.  Records prior to 2000 have been digitized and will be available through the Board’s website in the coming months.  Until then, parties should contact the Rail Customer and Public Assistance Program, which can assist with searches of these records.

Freedom of Information Act Requests

Individuals interested in filing Freedom of Information Act requests can obtain information on how to do so here.

All Other Inquiries

Individual inquiries not mentioned above should contact the Board’s Rail Customer and Public Assistance Program, which may be able to provide information in response to your inquiry or direct you to the appropriate party within the Board that can do so.

Contacting the Board

Mailing address:
Surface Transportation Board
395 E Street, SW
Washington, DC 20423-0001

NOTE: For express company and private courier deliveries, use ZIP CODE 20024.
Use of incorrect ZIP Code may result in additional express company delivery charges.

General information:
(202) 245-0245

Federal Relay Service (FRS) for the hearing/speech impaired:

Office of Public Assistance, Governmental Affairs, and Compliance:
(202) 245-0238
E-mail us at: