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Railroad Map Depot

The Surface Transportation Board’s Railroad Map Depot is the agency’s clearinghouse for geospatial data, including interactive maps of past and ongoing cases before the Board.  Among the different information that users can view using the Depot are:

  • The Abandoned and Railbanked Rail Lines Map:  This map shows the location and other key information related to rail lines that have been fully abandoned or railbanked since 2004, as well as some older abandoned and railbanked rail lines.
  • The Railroad Network Map:  This map presents data from the National Transportation Atlas Dataset on the location and ownership of active rail lines across the country.
  • The Rail Heritage Map:  This map shows the locations of rail-related historic properties that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as well as some properties that are eligible for listing in the National Register that have been identified by the Board’s Office of Environmental Analysis.

Questions about the interactive maps hosted on the Railroad Map Depot and requests for underlying data can be sent to Adam Assenza of the Board’s Office of Environmental Analysis at .  To access the Railroad Map Depot, click the link below:

Railroad Map Depot