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Surface Transportation Board Monitoring Impacts of Hurricane Zeta

10/28/2020 (Wednesday) [PDF Version]
No. 20-16

Contact:  Janie Sheng
Michael Booth
FedRelay 1 (800) 877-8339

The Surface Transportation Board today announced that it is actively monitoring any rail service disruptions caused by Hurricane Zeta.  The National Hurricane Center forecasts hurricane conditions, especially along the coast of Louisiana, beginning today.

The Board is prepared to utilize its emergency service authorities pursuant to 49 U.S.C § 11123 if a “failure of traffic movement exists which creates an emergency situation of such magnitude as to have substantial adverse effects on shippers, or on rail service in a region of the United States.”

Rail carriers, shippers and other stakeholders experiencing rail service disruptions that create an emergency situation are asked to contact the Board’s Rail Customer and Public Assistance office.  To request assistance, interested persons may email or call (202) 245-0238 or (866) 254-1792.