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Chairman Oberman Appoints Danielle Gosselin as Director of Office of Environmental Analysis

03/03/2022 (Thursday) [PDF Version]
No. 22-15

Michael Booth
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Surface Transportation Board Chairman Martin J. Oberman today announced that he has appointed, with the approval of the Board, Danielle Gosselin to serve as Director of the Office of Environmental Analysis (OEA).  Ms. Gosselin has served as OEA Acting Director since January 2021.  In her role as Director, Ms. Gosselin manages a multidisciplinary staff, administers the Board’s environmental rules, and oversees the agency’s environmental analysis program.

“In my time on the Board, I have been consistently impressed by Ms. Gosselin’s expertise as a skilled lawyer, dependable leader, and advisor on the environmental matters that are of great importance to the agency,” said Oberman.  “Her leadership, skill, and insight have helped ensure that the Board and its stakeholders properly account for the environmental impacts of potential Board-authorized rail activities, thereby furthering the public interest and making sure we meet our mission objectives.”

Ms. Gosselin joined the Board in 2005 as a staff attorney in the Office of Proceedings.  In 2007 she became an attorney in OEA, where she was named Deputy Director in 2018.

Ms. Gosselin holds a Juris Doctor from American University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University.