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Tips for Searching STB Records

Step 1:  Select what to search for

Select whether you wish to search for filings or decisions, which include the option to search document text.  You may also search for all filings and decisions by docket or by date.

Note:  To view all filings and decisions in a docket, select “Dockets (Including Service Lists)”.   This search will also give the option to generate a service list.

Step 2:  Enter a Docket Number

A search may be performed even without entering a docket number or by entering only a partial docket number.

All STB dockets begin with a letter prefix based on the type of case.  For example, all abandonment cases have a docket starting with “AB.”  For a list of some of the most common types of cases and their associated prefixes, see below.

Step 3:  Other Fields

A search may be performed even if the other fields are left empty.  The “Document Text Search” field allows you to search using a word or phrase found in a filing or decision.

Note:  Some of the Board’s older decisions and filings are not searchable using the “Document Text Search.”

Board proceedings are assigned a docket prefix based on the type of case.  Some of the more common types of cases and their associated prefixes are as follows:

→  AB:  Rail line abandonments and discontinuances of services.  This would also include proceedings in which there is trail use (i.e., rail banking).

→  FD:  Rail line sales and leases, operating rights, trackage rights, acquisitions of control (mergers), petitions for declaratory order, rail line constructions, and modified certificates.

→  NOR:  Formal complaint proceedings (including rate cases, unreasonable practice cases, and violations of the common carrier obligation).

→  EP:  Rulemaking or information gathering proceedings.

→  MCF:  Motor carrier passenger proceedings.